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2019 - A Year of No Limits

We’re almost there…2019. It’s only natural to take account of the previous year and look forward to the year ahead. The year usually starts with resolutions to lose weight, exercise or meditate more, maybe pick up a new hobby or two. Then, come February, we usually forget the resolutions, gain back the five pounds we managed to lose in January and resume normal life.

I’ve never believed in resolutions for those very reasons. I don’t believe in setting myself up with unachievable goals. If I’m going to do something, I’ll do it, with or without a theory.

But here’s the thing…as I wrote about in the blog, Say "Yes" to the Magical Moment (you can read it by clicking here), if we don’t take action towards the moment of inspiration, we don’t have any chance of achieving them, and therefore, our life remains stuck and stagnant. Without making it official in some way, whether in the form of resolution, goal, or target, it’s likely the moment of inspiration will be fleeting.

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert says that ideas are a “disembodied, energetic life form…Therefore, ideas spend eternity swirling around us, searching for available and willing human partners…When an idea thinks it has found somebody - say, you - who might be able to bring it into the world, the idea will pay you a visit…The idea will try to wave you down (perhaps for a few moments; perhaps for a few months; perhaps even for a few years), but when it finally realizes that you’re oblivious to its message, it will move on to someone else.”

This philosophy corresponds with the magical moment. If you don’t act, eventually the inspiration of the moment will dissipate. Think about it. How many ideas have you had that you just let go of because of some sort of “yeah but”? What if you would have grabbed that idea by the horns, created a map for how to achieve it, and went for it? Just imagine!

The “yeah buts” are what keep us from moving forward. These are limitations that we put on our success in pretty much ever facet of our lives. These limitations stop us in our tracks. Why do we do this to ourselves? Fear, of course.

Fear of failure.

Fear of success.

Fear of change.

Fear that we’re not good enough.

Fear that we’ll be judged.

Fear of being irresponsible.

Fear of being foolish.

Fear we won’t get what we want.

The list of fears go on and on.

I have a great example of how we limit ourselves. My daughter was making out her Christmas list to give to her family members. I noticed that she didn’t put a new iPhone on the list, which I knew is what she really wanted. I asked her why the one thing she wanted wasn’t on her list and she said, “because it’s so expensive. I don’t want to ask for that.” She was afraid of how she would be viewed for asking for such an expensive gift. I suggested that she put it on her list along with other more reasonably priced items and leave the choice to the person buying her the present. “One thing is for sure,” I told her. “If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.” You know how this story ends? She received a new iPhone XS from her dad!

What I plan to do tonight and tomorrow (and I suggest you do it too) is to make a list and/or create a vision board of what I want to manifest in the coming year with absolutely NO LIMITS. And then I’m going to take baby steps towards the things that I can. For instance, if I say I’d like to write a book, I’ll commit to spending at least 30 minutes per day writing. If I say I want to go on a trip, I’ll set up an automatic withdrawal into a savings account so I can save for the trip. If I want to get into shape, I’ll commit to working out each day. Like my daughter wanting a phone – if she didn’t put it on the list, she couldn’t receive it. If we want something, we must take some action.

A couple side notes about visioning. It's important to not be attached to the outcome. Many times, our dreams will manifest in surprising ways. It is also important to follow any signs and synchronicities that may arise after stating our desires. These are not just coincidences but sign posts telling us what direction to go. Lastly, manifestations occur in divine timing, which may be very different from ours. Have patience and trust that it will happen when the time is just right.

Peace and love and best wishes to you for a limitless 2019!


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