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Let me try to explain the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) to you in a simple way. Let’s say you walk into a gathering, maybe it’s a holiday party. The minute you walk into the room, before you even speak to anyone, you can feel that something is off. You ask someone about it and you’re told that right before you arrived, some people got into a heated debate and one couple stormed out because of it. “I knew something was off,” you thought to yourself.

How did you know that something was off if it happened before you arrived? Because the energy of the room shifted when the argument started and energy is contagious. The energy plummeted to Level 2 – anger, combativeness, fighting. This is the effect of energy.

We all carry an energetic signature and we have one for how we show up on a normal day and one for how we manage stress. Even if we don’t talk about our feelings, others can unconsciously or consciously, depending upon their level of awareness, sense the energy of our feelings.

Take a look at the graphic up above. Read through the levels. Notice how each of them feel in your body as you read them and the corresponding description words. Which levels FEEL better to you? Which level do you think you resonate with most of the time? Which level would you like to resonate at more of the time?

In my time working with the ELI, I have come to equate Level 6 and 7 with soul or 5D energy. These energies are always available to us but the trick is to remove all of the lower energies that cloud us from accessing them. Through self-awareness and self-work, we are able to access more and more of the higher energy levels and less of the lower energies. What a beautiful thing!

Look at the energy levels on the graphic one more time. What energy levels do you think describe our world right now? Does is it feel like oneness, win-win, or visionary to you? Probably not. I see mostly the lower levels that are running the show right now.

But what if it didn’t really matter what was going on in the rest of the world? What if you could consistently resonate with a Level 5 or 6 energy level despite the madness of the outside world? How would that feel to you? Can you even imagine it? I promise that it’s possible.

How? It begins with making a decision. How open are you to letting go of the lower levels of energy and moving to a higher level? That may seem like a silly question, but it’s not. Levels 1 and 2 are the levels that our society operates within. We have been programmed to live here amidst fear, separation, anger, competition, and judgment. It takes courage to make the decision to step outside of that way of being into another, more loving way of being. It may not be an easy choice, but it will change your life, and consequently, the world.

That’s intense, right? Your choice to shift your energy from the lower to the higher levels will also impact the world as we know it. Change starts with each one of us making this choice and that choice reverberates throughout your family, friends, coworkers, community, and world. Imagine if every individual made the decision to shift their energy from fear to love just a little bit each day! How would our world look?

I’m going to be sharing more tools for shifting your energy in the future, but for today, I ask you to open your awareness and just pay attention as you go through your day, week, the month ahead. What energy levels are you witnessing? What feels good to you and what feels bad to you? What if you chose to not engage in the lower energies and instead shifted your energy at that moment to a higher level? Make a list of things that make you feel good. Maybe it’s writing, cooking, gardening, exercising, meditating, or playing with your kids or pets. These are small steps in the right direction.

Sending love,



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