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One of my favorite oracle decks is The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Waterson. In this deck is the card of Akhilanda, The Goddess of Never Not Broken. This goddess personally captures the essence of what I have been trying to convey in my most recent blogs about the dark night.

According to the oracle, Akilanda “represents the essence of the Phoenix; she’s the indestructible energy that embraces change. She knows that everything is conspiring to turn her into only more love and light...She can never be broken because she always is. She is the embodiment of what we try to avoid – the disillusion of our ego’s identity...She reminds us that we always have the power to choose to see every event as yet another opportunity to become more light, to become more of the radiant soul we are here to be.”

We try so hard to be responsible, to make “good” choices, to do the “right” thing. We avoid failure at all costs, even at the cost of our happiness. We avoid change because the unknown might lead to failure and we’d rather hang with the devil we know, thank you very much.

What we don’t realize is that when we live every day trying to avoid failure, we aren’t really living. We sabotage any good that may come into our lives because we aren’t willing to open ourselves to its possibility. We prefer to make an attempt at perfection rather than risk messing up. The judgment from our family and friends would be unbearable.

It's time to embrace our inner Goddess Akhilanda. It’s time to let the idea of perfection go. It’s time to stop judging ourselves and others based on some unattainable, arbitrary goal that someone somewhere decided was the way we should do things.

If you’re always broken, you can never break. If you’re always a failure, you can never fail. There is nothing left to prove. This small tweak in perspective takes all of the pressure off. It recognizes that none of us are perfect and never will be. We are all beautiful, flawed humans just doing the best we can. ALL OF US.

It’s time we take the masks off and show our true selves, to allow ourselves to be vulnerable so we can finally experience authentic connection with ourselves and others. It’s time to love ourselves completely, every part of us, even the broken parts.

Today, I challenge you to play with the energy of Akilhanda, the Goddess of Never Not Broken. As you go about your day, try to view yourself and others through her eyes. What do you see beyond the cracks? Perhaps you can get a glimpse of light peeking through. What if that was the focus instead of the cracks of failure and brokenness? What if the cracks make us even more beautiful and wise and interesting and courageous and strong? And here’s the biggest question of all – what if we allowed the broken parts to fall away so all we’re left with is the light that we are?




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