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Living True to Soul in a Time of Global Peril

Five years ago, I began a personal vendetta to live true to my soul. This meant eschewing my people-pleasing ways and learning how to be true to myself despite judgment from others. I went through a very intense dark night of the soul where I worked at reprogramming my belief patterns and thought processes, teaching myself how to live in this new way. Now I see that was just the beginning.

The pandemic has added a new level to the quest to live true to my soul. I have always strongly believed in a person’s right to choose what happens with their body. Now, there is intense pressure to abandon that right in the name of “the greater good.”

I’ve never been naïve to the nature of politics. No matter what party line we tend to side with, the game of politics has always been about power. The situation we are seeing now is no different. An age-old tool of those in power is to perpetuate and then capitalize on people’s fear to gain support for a chosen agenda and to cause division amongst people who have different perspectives. If people are divided and pointing fingers at each other, they can be easily distracted from what’s really going on.

This is what is happening in our world right now. Those in power aren’t reaching the numbers they had hoped and are therefore getting more and more desperate. The rhetoric is getting increasingly louder, turning into a condemnation campaign, turning loved one against loved one. It's up to us whether we want to allow this to continue or whether we will have the courage to choose compassion. When we become so attached to our opinions and our fear around potential outcomes instigated by outside sources that we are willing to turn against those whom we love, it’s time to ask ourselves some serious questions.

Discernment is what is needed. Take some quiet meditation time and tap into your soul. Ask yourself if what you’re hearing externally is true for you. Notice whether the feelings that arise are of love or of fear. If fear is arising, it’s important to dig deeper. Now, more than ever, we should question everything, whether it is our own personal habits, beliefs, and ways of life, or things that are being imposed on us externally. Everyone has their own personal perspective and agenda. There’s nothing “wrong” with that. It just is. Your job is to do the soul searching to discern whether the agenda aligns with yours.

After you do this self-inquiry, it is then important to check your judgements towards others who don’t believe the same way that you do. One of the highest energetic levels we can attain in this human lifetime is that of non-judgment. Judgment is different than discernment. Discernment is ascertaining who and what we want to allow into our life experience based on what aligns with our truth.

Judgment is assigning negative labels and attachments to those who don’t believe the same as us. Believing that we are “right” and others are “wrong” and we are “good” and others are “bad” is to live in a dualistic state where we are divided instead of connected. Energetically, we are all one. This “separation” and “division” is nothing but a construct of this 3D world we live in. We can choose to perpetuate fear and hatred, or we can rise above it.

We can acknowledge and accept that each and every one of us is here living out our own soul’s blueprint. Every one of us is unique and sees the world differently based on previous experiences. This is something to honor. If we feel personally attacked because of someone else’s choices, then it’s time to go within and ask, “why do I feel this way? When have I felt this way in the past?” Likely, it has to do with a time in the past when we didn’t feel safe or loved. This new awareness allows healing from the past experience as well as relief from whatever is occurring in the present. It allows us to make a new choice that is more closely aligned with love instead of fear brought on by a past experience.

One of the greatest lessons in life is to recognize that we don’t have to take anything personally. Everyone acts from their personal histories, and therefore, their actions have very little to do with anyone outside of them. Further, we must all take responsibility for our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Choices always come with consequences, some we label “good,” and others we label, “bad.” We discern what worked for us and what didn’t, take responsibility for what has occurred, and make adjustments depending upon what we are trying to achieve.

If we desire change in our world, no-one and no-thing external is going to make it happen. Pointing fingers and blaming others for what we perceive as problems does nothing except perpetuate the same energy that has been used to create that very situation in the first place. Change begins within. It takes time, but when we change our energy, we change our world.

Ultimately, in order to create a new world, we must let go of fear and judgment. We must embrace every individual’s right for sovereignty, freedom, and love, and we must focus our energy within and become the change that we wish to see.


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