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Toucan in Colombia
Synchronicity in Action

Signs, synchronicities, and symbols help to develop a language for you to communicate and build a personal relationship with Spirit. I communicate with Spirit, not only during times of meditation or prayer but all day long. I communicate with my soul, angels, guides, Source, etc., and I use the blanket term “spirit posse,” because I believe that we have legions of entities on the other side supporting us that would be impossible to identify one by one. In this way, I have created a highly personal relationship with them and they have become my friends and family. It didn’t happen all at once; the relationship took time to build, just like any other relationship. It started with me opening a door to them, talking to them as if they are in the room with me. I told them that I wanted to develop a relationship with them so that I could hear and feel their guidance and comfort.

I started by developing a common language between them and me so we could communicate through signs, synchronicities, and symbols. Tarot and oracle cards helped tremendously to develop these symbols and signs between us. It’s a misconception that cards are used primarily for future telling. Instead, they act as a bridge between this world and theirs, allowing communication in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. There are thousands of decks out there, each with unique terminology and imagery. The majority of metaphysical stores don’t allow you to open the deck before buying, but L.E.A.F. in Vista, CA has opened decks available so you can look through each card and see if it speaks to you. Love that!

Once you choose a deck that you’d like to work with, it’s time for you to access your intuition/internal guidance system which is how your spirit posse will communicate with you. Most decks come with a guidebook that gives you suggestions for the interpretations of the cards; however, it can be fun to work with your spirit posse to come up with your own meanings. This helps to open your creative mind and tap into your most powerful guidance system available – your intuition.

Other methods of communication include signs and synchronicities. Spirit can use about anything as a sign as long as you are open to it and pay attention. I use about anything, including animals, birds, insects, crystals, and numbers. For example, if I wake up in the middle of the night and the time on the clock seems significant for some reason, I will go to a website called Joanne Sacred Scribes and look up the meaning of the number. I’ll take a screenshot of it and then see what happens in the next few days. Butterflies indicate change and transformation, spiders indicate creativity and writing, and ladybugs symbolize luck.

I’ll give you an example of how this works. In January, I went to Columbia with my sister for a vacation. We went on a jungle hike to a coffee and cocoa farm in the hills of Santa Marta. When we arrived at the coffee farm, we went into a hut to listen to a presentation. There was a beautiful toucan sitting on top of the bar and it stopped me in my tracks. It was such a beautiful bird and I was mesmerized! I shook myself out of my stupor and found a seat at the table. A little while later, I felt something on my back that felt like a bite, and then felt it again and jumped up out of my seat. At the same time, the toucan flew away. I realized that the toucan had landed on the back of my seat and was pecking at my back. It left just a scratch, but I was so surprised and curious why this happened. I didn’t think it was attacking me, but wondered why it chose me to peck.

Later that evening, I received an email from a book editor that I had been working with for three months, prepping my manuscript for publishing. The email stated that she was pulling out of the project due to personal reasons. I was devastated! This book journey had been going on for around two years at that point, and it took a lot for me to decide to move forward with her in this way. I thought that she was the editor that I had been praying for and was so disappointed to go back to the drawing board. I was wondering if this was a sign that I shouldn’t move forward with my book.

When I arrived home, I looked up the meaning of toucan online (I can’t believe it took me this long to look it up – that’s how much the editor incident spun me out). The first website that I clicked on ( said,

“It’s time for you to get writing. It doesn’t matter what you write. The fact is that you are a great storyteller. You have a lot of inner wisdom to share with the world. Thus toucan meaning implies that the best way to share your knowledge with the world is with the written word.”


THIS is such a perfect example of how Spirit communicates with us. Here I am, hiking in the jungle of Colombia and a toucan chooses me out of 20 people to nudge in a way that I can’t ignore. I didn’t receive the email from the editor until later that day, and yet, Spirit was already giving me the message, “It’s going to be okay. Keep going.” What a beautiful message to hear from anyone, let alone from Spirit. It gave me so much comfort and encouragement!

Opening the door to communication with Spirit is an interesting road, but if it’s embarked with playfulness, curiosity, love, and flexibility, it can enhance your life in a way not possible otherwise. Receiving guidance from unconditionally loving entities on the other side can help you discern the correct path for you and provide comfort through life’s challenges.

I encourage you to keep in mind that this is similar to developing a relationship with humans, except even more vague. You may feel that you are following the signs perfectly, yet you don’t end up at your intended destination. The important thing to remember is that our ego’s idea of the perfect path likely will differ from your Spirit Posse’s idea of your perfect path. That’s why I suggest maintaining a curious and playful perspective. Have fun with this and try not to take yourself or them too seriously. We are always at the right place and right on time. There is so much we don’t know about our soul’s blueprint for this lifetime, but it’s always nice to feel that we have supernatural support throughout this crazy road called life.

One more thing that I’ll say before closing is the “rule of threes.” If you’re unsure about a sign that you’re receiving, you can ask for confirmation. If you receive a similar sign three times, you can be sure you are on the right path. For instance, there was a time when I was deciding which city to move to. I remembered an area that I really liked that I had visited years prior. I asked my sister and she said a friend was from there and absolutely loved it. I asked another friend and she happened to be in that city at that very moment. That was three, so I headed in that direction. I fell in love with the town and it became my home for the next two years.

Opening yourself to a relationship with your spirit posse and allowing them to guide you through signs and synchronicities is opening yourself to the magic of life. I can’t imagine living any other way.


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