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A Walk of Love

A Walk of Love - Brandon Elliott & Koda

On March 1st, Brandon Elliott (aka Elysium Lionheart) and his dog Koda set out on a Walk of Love. They set out on the American Discovery Trail, beginning in Point Reyes, Delaware. The mission was a calling to bring a “gentle wave of love onto this planet,” to “share my heart with the world and to create a Ripple of Love that would echo into eternity.”

Brandon pushed a cart with 150 pounds of supplies as he walked in the frigid winter air. He shared his love with every car and person that he passed. He also encountered many challenges, one of which cut the Walk of Love short…at least for now. Koda sustained a leg injury that required immediate medical attention. Brandon and Koda are now at home recovering and regrouping.

I don’t know Brandon personally; I follow him on Instagram. I don’t even remember how I came to follow him. A random social media encounter that would touch my heart in ways I could have never foreseen.

When I think about what Brandon set out to do, tears well up in my eyes and I am so grateful for his existence, his purpose, his mission. There is so much pain and suffering in the world right now. COVID has pushed us all into a sort of Hero’s Journey that we never would have consciously chosen. We are faced with all the dark aspects of ourselves and the lives that we are currently living; the things that we’ve always tried to ignore by busying ourselves. When we’re confined to our homes, we have nothing to do but SEE and that’s not easy.

One of the most damaging aspects of this past year is the proliferation of fear. The fear of illness and death plucks at our biological need for survival. When we are in survival mode, little else matters. Therefore, those in power use fear as their main mechanism of control. People who are afraid are easy to control. Fear is largely an unconscious emotion, yet one that forms the foundation of much of how we interact with the external world. Fear clouds the beauty of love, compassion, faith, understanding, and trust, and we forget that fear is nothing but a construct of the mind.

Yes, we’re living a human lifetime and fear of survival is part of the human biological instinct. But that is only the costume that we are wearing; it is not who we are. Love is who we are. Divine is who we are. Our challenge is to remember that fact, especially when fear starts to override our ability to treat ourselves, or others, with honor, dignity, and respect.

Brandon’s Walk of Love is a reminder of this fact. A seemingly simple and yet profound gesture that needs to be seen in a deeper way.

Our society has been founded on patriarchy and toxic masculinity. It’s founded on the desire for power at the expense of all else. It is this system that, thankfully, is no longer welcome on this planet and is being pushed out by higher frequencies of love and light, permeating into our atmosphere from the cosmos. It is time to return to a balanced Divine Masculine-Divine Feminine partnership. Brandon’s Walk of Love is evidence of this shift taking place.

Every one of us can touch lives in the way that Brandon has set out to do, even in small ways. Smile at people on the street or in the grocery store. Say hello. Hold the door for someone. Pay for someone’s coffee when you’re in line at the coffee shop. Leave the server a large tip and write a note on the receipt.

Every day we are given a myriad of chances to add a bit of love into the world and it’s no small thing. On an energetic level, every gesture of love exudes the high-vibration love frequency which is healing for us and the world. Energy can not be created or destroyed, which means that the love frequency that emanate goes on and on. It’s no small thing!

Another thing that stuck out to me about Brandon’s Walk of Love is his intention to show the world that there is more love available to us than we know. There are more “good” people in this world than we know. With COVID and the election there has been so much negativity, blame, separation, especially in the media, and it’s difficult to see anything else. When we are inundated with these messages day after day it affects our ability to see clearly. We forget that we see what we look for. If we are consistently looking for negativity, that is what we will see. But we can choose to consciously shift our awareness to the beautiful things and people in life. When we do, we can see beauty and love in everything. Which sounds better to you? 😉

My challenge to you is to make the conscious intention each day to:

1) Share gestures of love with others, no matter how small. Share the love unconditionally, meaning that it doesn’t depend upon how the other person is behaving towards you or how they receive or don’t receive your gesture. Our tendency can be to think, “jeeze, I held the door for that person, and they didn’t say thank you. What’s their problem?!” When we think that way, it dims the love vibration because it is now clouded with attachment and judgment. We never know what is going on in another person’s world at any moment and, therefore, it’s not our place to judge. When we set out to offer gestures of love, they must be given unconditionally, knowing that on some level, it touches all.

2) See how many things you can be grateful for throughout your day. Make a game out of it. Notice your surroundings. Here in Southern California, the flowers are always blooming, and I like to say hi to them as I pass and tell them thank you for sharing their beautiful colors and scents with me. I thank the grass for being so green, the sky for being so blue. Appreciate the roof over your head, food on your table, and running water. Appreciate the loved ones that are in your life. You get the idea. By doing this, we retrain our brain to think positive thoughts instead of negative ones.

3) Dream. Dream of the world that you would like to see where love is the primary operating system, where everyone is healthy and happy and loved. Dream of Heaven on Earth and know that it’s possible. Feel that vibration pulse through you and sense the Knowing within that you have experienced such feelings before, even if it was a past life. Your Soul Knows.

Thank you, Brandon Elysium Lionheart Elliott, for inspiring me, for reminding me of the goodness of human nature, and especially the goodness and beauty of the Divine Masculine. Thank you for (literally) walking your talk, for taking action in the name of love. Your intention was successful…your Ripple of Love touched me deeply and I will continue to pass it on.


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