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~Sera Beak

“YES!” Every part of me resonated with that quote. In fact, I think that’s the term I’ve been searching for since I started True to Soul Life Coaching.

Yes, I’m a life coach, but I was looking for a term that truly encompassed my passion – the passion and true meaning of True to Soul – because it’s more than learning about limiting beliefs and energy levels. This is bigger than any one person.

I look at the headlines and see mass shootings, hateful political policies, suicides, immigrant parents being separated from children, to name a few. And it breaks my heart.

I’ve done enough studying to know that people usually exhibit hateful, judgmental behavior because those are the emotions going on inside of them. The feelings that we have about ourselves, whether conscious or unconscious, are the feelings that we bestow onto others. And because energy can neither be created or destroyed, that negative energy is sent out into the world to become a part of the mass collective.

That’s why I’m a Soul Activist.

Our souls speak to us through intuition or a “gut feeling” or a quiet nudging, but these callings are largely discounted and ignored. Instead, we second guess and rationalize out of fear that our choices might not be acceptable to those outside of ourselves – family, teachers, etc. What we want out of life may not fit into others’ paradigms, and therefore, be judged as risky, irresponsible, or even crazy. One of the hardest things to do is to go against the status quo.

The big question is why do we care so much? If we are taking steps towards doing what makes us happy, why does it matter what anyone thinks?

Yesterday, I attended my daughter’s 8th grade “graduation.” They recognized the students who have a 4.0 GPA, students for great citizenship, and students who had perfect attendance. Comparisons start as early as kindergarten. The pressure to be the best, smartest, punctual, prettiest, etc., is programmed into us. We are programmed to continually compare ourselves to others and judge whether or not we are acceptable. Of course, this carries into adulthood. We compare the colleges we go to, the jobs that we get, the cars and houses we buy, the spouse or lack thereof, etc.

The thing is, that we can never truly live up to outside expectations. When we perceive that we fall short, it’s nearly impossible to be happy in the present moment. We get angry, bitter, judgmental, jealous, and hateful.

The antidote is to stop comparing ourselves to others, recognize our inherent worthiness, and do what we love. When we finally do the things that our soul is longing for, we feel happy and free. That happy energy is then passed onto everyone you meet, and into the world at large.

Therefore, your greatest gift to yourself and to the world is to be true to your soul and do what you love.

Love and Light,


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