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Say "YES" to the Magical Moment

Have you ever had an idea, a “YES! OMG, that’s it!” moment, that had you up out of your seat, dancing around the room? Can you remember what that feels like? For me, my heart starts beating faster, I get warm, I get a burst of energy that comes from deep within that literally has me up out of my seat.

I recently read an article that referred to this as a “magical moment,” which seemed like a perfect term for it.

A magical moment is a moment of excitement and passion and a sign of inspired vision and creativity, that if followed, could change the trajectory of your life.

Unfortunately, what usually ends up happening is followed by the “wha-wha-wha” Debbie Downer (no offense to anyone named Debbie) theme music. It’s your mind telling you all of reasons that your idea is stupid. That is the moment of hesitation that has you walking away from the magical idea without further consideration. It’s probably sounds something like this:

“You could never pull that off.”

“You’d never make enough money.”

“What would your parents/spouse/friends/boss say?”

“People would think you’re crazy.”

“You don’t know anything about…”

“How would you ever make that work?”

“That’s completely irresponsible.”

Sound familiar?

The article asks us to set the intention that when we experience a magical moment, we just be aware of the negative voice that follows. Instead of listening to the voice and abandoning the idea, just notice it and choose to let it go.

Stay with your magical idea.

Then, see if there’s one small action that you can take towards the idea. Get online and do some research. Make a phone call. Read a book about the subject. Just one small thing, all the while, being aware of the Debbie Downer voice and just letting it go.

Set the intention to take one small action and then just wait until you get another prod, another idea of an action that you can take. Pay attention to synchronicities, omens, signs, coincidences and just be open. That’s all you have to do.

Maybe it will lead nowhere, or, maybe it will lead somewhere magical and life changing – one small action at a time.

Love and Light,


(Reference: Sedona Journal of Emergence, April 2017, Seize Your Magical Moment)

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