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5 Tips for Living a More Empowered Life

Looking for some tips on how to live a more empowered life? Aren't we all?! I'm always looking for more ways to step into my power and I thought I would share my favorites with you. I use these tools daily to keep me aligned with my highest good.

1. Makes choices based on love, not fear.

Making choices based on fear is one of the primary reasons we create unhappiness in our lives. Fear can wear different masks, but underneath it’s all the same – it keeps us from doing what our Souls want us to do. Fear can be conscious or unconscious. Sometimes we know what we are avoiding and other times it’s not as obvious. I refer to this fear as a gremlin. This fear gremlin was created at some point in our lives, and is there to protect us. However, sometimes this “protection” keeps us from doing things that are necessary for our growth and happiness. Our job is to recognize when the gremlin keeps us stuck and to face it head on. Like shining light into a dark corner, when the gremlin becomes exposed, it loses some of its power. We are then able to make a Soul-based choice that will expand and enhance our life instead of a fear-based choice that contracts us and keep us playing small.

2. No excuses.

When we are in a less-than-ideal situation, we tend to cope by rationalizing and making excuses. We “look on the bright side” while trying to ignore everything that is unpleasant. It’s true that not everything in life is going to be rosy all the time. But we have to look closely at the situations in our life to be sure that we aren’t putting up with something that we shouldn’t. One of the best ways that we can tell if we’re just making excuses is to sit quietly and think about the issue. How does it FEEL as you think about it? Where do you feel it in your body? Is it expanding you or contracting you? How is your breath? Calm and relaxed or is it short and fast? What if you made a different choice? How does that choice feel in your body? If you can hone in on what feels good and what feels bad, you have your answer. If you discover you’re just making excuses, you are now empowered to make a more Soul-centered choice.

3. Easy doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Quite often we choose to stay in a situation because it appears much easier than not staying. It’s important for us to look closely at why we are choosing the easy way. Is it the best way? Or is it because we’re afraid? Are we just being lazy? Avoidant? Are we afraid of hurting someone by following our truth? Is it just too overwhelming to think about the change that might be required? When we can recognize the intention behind the choice, we are empowered to choose in a more conscious way. Sometimes the more difficult way will be the better way in the long run.

4. Don’t try to please others more than yourself.

Many heart-centered people tend to be people-pleasers. I know I have that tendency. We naturally care for the welfare for others and receive gratification from helping them. The problem comes when our care for others supersedes the care we give ourselves. When I was young, I thought it was selfish to care for myself before others. But after years of dealing with difficult relationships, I now know that if I become drained and depleted, I don’t have the energy to care for others. If I put my self-care as the top priority, I have an abundance of energy and love and it spills over to everyone I come into contact with. A “me-first” attitude isn’t selfish, it’s necessary, and the most loving thing you can do.

5. Know what is a story and what is truth.

Our internal voice can get out of hand. When it does, we might find ourselves caught in a story line that is causing a physical reaction to something that hasn’t even happened! Maybe we thought our boss looked at us funny and we spend the next three hours making all sorts of scenarios as to why we’re sure we’re going to be fired! When we become aware of the story, we are empowered to look at it more closely. A great question to ask is, “how true is this really?” Often the answer is, “not at all!” Becoming aware of the fact that we just got lost in a story, empowers us to step out of the story line and choose a more objective viewpoint based on what is true in the moment. Perhaps you thought the boss gave you a dirty look, when really, he just had bad gas, or remembered that he forgot his sister’s birthday. When you don’t know, let it go.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know how these show up for you in your life. I’d love to hear from you!

Much love,


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