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The World Needs You to

Live True to Your Soul!

"Living your own Soul's truth no matter what others an Act of Self Love, which helps humanity grow and this entire Universe evolve."

~Sera Beak's that important.

I am a Soul Activist and I believe that every one of us has a sacred duty to follow our soul's calling to the best of our ability, because


what you do affects me and what I do affects you.

Just look at the state of our world. The primary emotions are hate, fear, anger, and judgment, made all that more prominent through social media. The negativity is contagious, literally affecting our minds and bodies in ways we're not even aware of.

Each one of us contributes to this negativity soup with our discontent and unhappiness caused by not answering our Soul's call.

Following your Soul's bliss affects so much more than just you.

Did you know that you could make the world a better place simply by doing what makes your Soul happy?  

You came here with a Soul mission, and it probably is to embody more love, more joy, and more passion by contributing to the world in your own unique way. Every minute you put off answering your Soul's call, is a moment you suffer and the world suffers.

Keep reading for your Call to Action!

Cultivate Courage

Live for Soul

Your Call to Action

"Soul work is a form of activism. It's a movement towards wholeness that we make's a call to a rare kind of action."

~Sera Beak


Our society tends to encourage sticking with the status quo. But the thing is, answering the Soul's call is a normal part of the human experience. Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey explains this pattern of personal development found in all cultures of the world.


It is a universal map of life's adventures.


How beautiful and freeing to know that it's totally normal to desire something more out of life and completely unique to each of us! In fact, the Hero's Journey is the story line to the most beloved movies of all time - The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Harry Potter - because we recognize the Call to Adventure that resides within each one of us at the Soul level. When we follow our bliss, we follow our Soul's calling.

So, your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to answer your Soul's Call to Adventure. As your Coach, Healer, and Adventure Guide, I will support you on your journey to discover and follow your Soul's bliss, resulting in a life full of power, purpose, and passion.

Now is the time! Let's do this!


Prior to making the decision to work with a life coach, I had gone through a divorce and I was experiencing some significant financial difficulty.  I was underemployed, working in a position that was not rewarding in any way.  I was feeling pretty terrible about the direction my life had taken and I had no idea how to get back on track.  I lacked direction and motivation.  Essentially, I was existing, I certainly wasn’t thriving. I wanted to make a change but I didn’t know where to start. I was paralyzed by anxiety and depression. Inaction was causing a further downward spiral.  In short, I needed help.

I’ve been to therapists, I’ve taken antidepressants, I needed something different.  I’d heard of life coaches but I never had any experience with one.  It occurred to me that I needed help to organize and prioritize my life. I also needed help with motivation.  I needed someone to make sense of things and point me in the right direction. 

I was initially anxious about the first session, but Lara made me feel at ease.  She asked me questions in a friendly and professional way.  Lara assisted me in identifying short and long-term goals, she really helped me to focus.  After identifying goals, we discussed working on an action plan.  Lara was very easy to talk to and she helped me bring order to the thoughts I had. I felt like we were part of a team working to move my life forward.

Lara helped me to recognize some of my strengths that I’d forgotten.  She assisted me in taking a step back and approaching my life in a logical manner.  We worked together to create a plan that would help me repeat previous life successes.  Starting with small steps, we generated realistic weekly goals.  Lara was there to assist in holding me accountable for these goals and to keep me moving.  My confidence began to increase and I started to feel like myself again. 

Working with Lara was a tremendous learning experience.  She had a natural way of helping me recognize my abilities at a time of great difficulty in my life.  With her assistance, I have made significant strides in moving forward in my life.  My goals are within reach, my confidence has returned, and I feel like I’m back on track.  I would absolutely recommend working with Lara to anyone needing to re-establish direction in their life. 

P. Charpentier/Brainerd, MN

I have watched Lara evolve in deep spiritual awakening as she committed to the biggest vision for her life. Many of the intuitions she received during this time, threatened her comfortable and predictable life plan. It took great trust and dedication to change course. This journey created an intimate relationship with her Soul, spilling out into her ability to assist her own clients to navigate their tough life decisions. Many people talk about Soul, but few have the courage, commitment and faith to truly follow the voice of intuition. It may be a tough road, but it is the road you were born to walk. I trust Lara inherently to encourage others to follow their inner guidance to live their lives in alignment with their Soul’s highest truth.

Elisa Romeo


Lara is a committed, caring and extremely supportive coach. I've never considered myself as a loquacious person and we communicated in English -which is not my native language- but Lara was absolutely great, because she gave me the confidence that I needed to find my own words, and share them. By listening carefully, non-judging and joining me in my confusion and also in my moments of excitement, she nurtured a companionship that pushed me to take action towards personal and challenging goals. Lara is an amazing coach and an inspiring woman, so much to learn from and get results.

F. T. Hernández/Santiago, Chile

Before I worked with Lara, I was in a very difficult period of my life and couldn't see a way forward. So I sought out a life coach and Lara felt like "the right one." Lara and I connected immediately and we were completely on the same wavelength. Over the course of a few sessions, she helped me with some of my life's most difficult challenges and questions. Since then, my life has been so filled with activity, it's only been about a month and a half since I first called her, but it feels closer to 6 months! I recommend Lara's service to anyone looking for a compassionate, intelligent, effective live coach.

NJ Riley/Los Angeles, CA

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