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It is my mission to empower people to live in alignment with their souls – what I call True to Soul. Why? Because all of the problems in our world are due to not recognizing that we are so much more than this human body. There is so much more to this existence! This True, highest part of ourselves, leads us on this journey, and, ironically, the whole purpose of the journey is to remember who we truly are – spirit.

Our souls are always communicating with us in the form of our intuition. Merriam-Webster defines intuition as, “the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference.” This “direct knowledge” comes from our higher self, our soul. When we step outside of rational and logical thought (the manner of thinking taught to us by our families and schools throughout our life), we are able to hear this intuitive part of ourselves. When we follow our intuition, we are led down a road that feels very different. There’s a deep knowing and contentment that feels like coming home. This makes perfect sense because it IS our home. It’s the eternal part of us that was there before we were born and that will continue after we die. This IS who we are.

The “problem” is that, instead of being taught to listen to this intuitive part of us, we’re told the opposite. We’re told to ignore it and sometimes punished for following it. We are molded and shaped into who our family, society, culture, and religion say we should be. It convinces us that if we don't fit in their pre-approved boxes that we aren't good enough. We then internalize that belief and measure everything we do against that, not realizing that it's a social construct! It's made up! Why would anyone create such social structures? Because this way, we’re much easier to control. True, there may be an element of decorum necessary to live within a group; however, if we were all listening to our souls, we wouldn’t need rules and laws. Our soul’s true nature is love.

This brings me back to my point that the problems of our world are due to the fact that we have grown up ignoring this part of ourselves. We don’t see that our true essence is love. We don’t know that we are spirits who chose to come here to live a human lifetime, whose ultimate purpose is to remember who we truly are. Instead, we spend our lives trying to fit into the box of what society says we need to do and be in order to be accepted. And acceptance by the group is rooted deep within our makeup because, throughout the years, those that were accepted as part of the group had a greater chance of survival. We’re not being chased by saber tooth tigers anymore and yet we haven’t adapted to our new way of life.

What we don’t realize is that the saber tooth tiger is now within us and it’s louder and scarier than ever. We are living in a time unlike any other – the time of the internet and social media. We are continually bombarded by carefully crafted messaging and pictures depicting how we should be and it has nothing to do with acceptance by our immediate family or community. We are being told that we should be a certain way by strangers all over the world and they make it look so effortless. We have no idea how many filters are included or what their home life is really like, but our brain translates all of this and continually feeds the not-good-enough gremlin inside of us. This results in feelings of hopelessness and when we are without hope, we suffer from depression, anxiety, and many other illnesses and addictions.

Our world is in the midst of a downward spiral and it is up to each one of us to reconnect to this beautiful soul self and reverse the not-good-enough epidemic. Every one of us has the power to change our lives and the lives of those around us and it’s so much easier than we think. We can start by doing two things - questioning everything and going within and reconnecting to our soul self.

Most of us go through our days as we have been taught to do. Sometimes we don’t even know why we do the things that we do. We do it because “that’s the way things are done." If that phrase ever comes into your head, use that as a red flag. Instead of accepting that as true, question it. Realize that we do things a certain way because that’s how our society is set up and/or that’s what we were shown by our family, but that doesn't mean that it's best for us. Why is it done that way? Does it have to be? Could there be a better way? What if I chose to do it a different way?

As you read that, did you notice a constriction within your chest at the thought of doing something different? Or did you feel freedom? Usually, what happens is that something in us starts to freak out at the thought of doing things differently because we’re back to the idea that acceptance, and, therefore, safety, is always the best way to go. The truth is that safety and security are illusions. Think of how many times in the past you had a certain expectation of how things were going to go and then, well, they didn’t. An illness, job loss, death of a loved one, financial loss. Or perhaps it was a surprise that turned out to be amazing but threw you off your expected track, like an unplanned pregnancy.

The fact is, life continually keeps us on our toes because that’s how we learn and grow. And, more importantly, each time life throws us a curveball, we have to go within to draw on our inner resources to make it through the challenge. What are these “inner resources” that we’re drawing on? This is the soul part of us quietly whispering to us, “It’s going to be okay. You’re stronger than you think you are. You can make it through this. Keep going.” But as much as we’d like to believe that we have everything under control, we don’t. Ever. That’s the way of life. BUT, our soul always has things under control. We just need to learn to trust that.

To acknowledge this might feel really scary or it could feel incredibly liberating, depending on your perspective. This is the essence of “going with the flow.” Flow is the way of the soul because the soul always feels safe because the soul knows that it’s eternal. When you’re eternal, what do you have to lose? Nothing! Can you imagine going through life making decisions as if you are the eternal being that you are? This place is Level 6 and 7 on the Energy Leadership Index (visit my website to learn more) and is a place where there is no good or bad. Everything is nothing more than an experience. It is the ultimate in going with the flow. It is a beautiful place where you have access to peace, joy, and love no matter what is happening externally. Can you imagine living in a world where the majority of people lived in this state of bliss on a daily basis?

THAT’S why I’m so passionate about living True to Soul. Each one of us would be so much happier which would affect the lives of those around us, as well as the world at large.

I could go on and on but I will leave this here for now.

As you go through your day, I suggest questioning everything. Just bring awareness to the way that you think and the things that you do. See how they feel in your body. Do your thoughts and daily tasks feel good to you? If not, what would feel better? What’s stopping you from doing it that way? Is that an external limitation or an internal limitation? Is there one thing that you can do today, no matter how small, to step towards the thing that would feel better? See what kinds of things might come up for you.

One great way to get in touch with your soul and intuition is through meditating. If meditation isn’t already part of your life, I emphatically suggest that you give it a try. So many people say, “I can’t sit still,” but you don’t have to do this for long and you can do a walking meditation if sitting is too challenging for you. The point of meditation is to generate awareness. Bring attention to your breath going in and out of your chest. Notice the cool air passing through your nostrils as you breathe in and then warm air as you exhale. Feel your chest rise and lower. Notice the thoughts that come up and say, “those are thoughts,” and let them go. The idea isn’t to stop the thoughts, it’s just to notice that they’re there. Notice what the thoughts tell you. Each time just say, “those are thoughts,” see them float away like clouds, and continue to breathe. I suggest starting with one minute because anyone can do anything for one minute. Try doing one minute of meditation for a day, a week, a month or more, as long as you need to until you feel you might want to try two minutes and work your way up. Be gentle with yourself. There’s nothing you’re trying to achieve and there’s no “doing it right.” Let go of any judgments. Just breathe and just be.

What meditation does is reconnect you to yourself. This is where you will find your soul, your courage, your strength, without even trying! Something as simple as mindful breathing on a daily basis (or as often as possible) can open a whole new world for you.

Remember to always live True to Soul.

Much love,



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