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This 30-minute session will give a brief introduction to coaching, help you decide if coaching is right for you, and see if we're a good match. If you feel called to do so, we'll get you signed up for a coaching package. 



Your Personalized Journey includes coaching sessions that may be purchased in single sessions, 5-session blocks or 10-session blocks based on your individual needs. The more sessions that are purchased, the greater the value to you!

Single Session - $150

5-Sessions - $700

10-Sessions - $1250


This 90-minute Discovery Package is designed to give you a small taste of how powerful and life-changing the coaching process can be. This session includes the Energy Leadership Index™ (ELI) Assessment and Debrief. The ELI is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables you to hold up a mirror to your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities. You will become aware of how you show up in the world and how that affects every aspect of your life.

With this session, you will discover that everything you need for creating change in your life is within you. This awareness forms the foundation for your transformational journey to living a more authentic, fulfilling, and joyful life.

The cost of the Discovery Package will be applied to any future coaching package purchase!



The "Lead Your Life" package begins with taking the Energy Leadership Index™ (ELI). The ELI forms the initial launching point for the Energy Leadership Development System™ (ELDS), giving you a baseline for your current level of awareness and how you present yourself to others. You will progress through a debriefing and orientation process that enables us to plan your customized developmental roadmap. The package includes:

• ELI Assessment and 90 to120-minute Debrief and Orientation to ELDS
• ELDS Workbook
• Twelve 50-minute sessions
• Four 10-minute "quick question" calls or emails to me per month



The "Just Be" Package is a 16-week customized program designed to help you recognize who you are currently BEING and decide who you want to BECOME. The Law of Being Program incorporates ways to raise consciousness, by helping you to:

• Break through internal blocks to high-conscious thinking
• Make conscious choices based on the present, not the past
• Shift your thinking, emotions, and actions
• Devise new ways to act and test them out to see how well they work
• Shift people, places, and things in your life to create a supportive environment

Once you are able to BE who you consciously choose, all thoughts, emotions, and actions are automatic. The package includes:

• ELI Assessment and 90 to 120-minute Debrief and Orientation to the Law of Being
• Law of Being - 234-page Unlock Your Unlimited Potential workbook

• Sixteen 60-minute sessions
• Eight 10-minute "quick question" calls or emails to me


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