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I recently picked up the fantastic book, Use Your Planets Wisely: Master Your Ultimate Cosmic Potential with Psychological Astrology by Jennifer Freed, Ph.D (pick it up by clicking on the link). In this book, Dr. Freed breaks down the astrological signs and corresponding planets into three levels of maturity, or skillful and unskillful expression, that she entitles Primitive, Adaptive, and Evolving. All levels are available to us at any time; however, we do have tendencies to show up more in one level than another. It largely depends upon our life experiences, personal development, and level of consciousness as to how we choose to express ourselves.

Through our astrological charts, we are given the opportunity to gain a richer and more nuanced picture of who we are and how we express ourselves in the world. Dr. Freed’s book takes this to a whole ‘nother level by giving us a snapshot of where we are and, with some internal metacognitive work, what is possible.

I started reading this book on the same day as the presidential election. I was glued to the news and Donald Trump’s (DT) face was front-and-center most of the day. I got to thinking, “I wonder what DT's astrological chart says and how it would be interpreted by Dr. Freed’s book?” So I looked it up and my findings are listed below. It’s just too good not to share. Whether you love him or hate him, I think it explains a lot of what we are seeing. My focus is on the astrology chart and corresponding behavior without judgment.

I googled DT’s chart and found it on astro-charts.com where his birthtime accuracy is classified as “excellent.” Consider this my disclaimer that I'm not 100% sure of the validity of this information, so please keep that in mind as you read.

Below, I have included the Primitive expression (the one I believe that DT is currently expressing) and the Evolving expression to show the possible evolution for this planetary placement, depending upon the personal and spiritual work pursued throughout one’s life. I quote the wry-humored Dr. Freed directly for both levels because, well, to be honest, it’s just too good.

What this depicts is DT’s expression as we have seen it portrayed throughout the first four years of his presidency. It is especially apparent now that he has lost the election. Stress tends to bring out the Primitive and least skillful aspects of our personality because our ego goes into defense mode. This is something that would do us all good to keep in mind.

What we have to remember, however, is that we always have a choice as to how we show up. We have every right to remain in our Primitive expression our whole lives if we like. But life can be a lot less stressful, a whole lot more fun, and contribute to a happier, healthier world if we do the work and evolve to the Adaptive (see Dr. Freed's book) or Evolving level of expression.

After checking out DT’s chart below, I highly suggest doing some research on your own astrological chart, whether you do that research yourself by pulling up your chart online and purchasing Dr. Freed’s book, or contact me to do it for you along with a follow-up coaching session. You’ll be surprised that your life experiences have literally been written in the stars.


Sun in Gemini

The sun describes our primary essence, ego, and how we express ourselves in the world.

Primitive - With your Sun in Gemini, at your least skillful, you pass on information whether or not it’s correct. You like to be a gossip mill, spreading rumors - to have the gift of gab just to work your jaws. When you can’t find an appropriately attentive listener, you feel lonesome and panicky, and you just might start making your stories more interesting through embellishment and confabulation in order to get someone to lend you their ear.

Evolving – Your words themselves are deeds. You speak only from a sacred understanding that every word is a living being. Your sentences are sacraments for others to know their worth and their beloved nature on this Earth. You dedicate yourself to a deep understanding of higher wisdom and philosophy; in turn, you teach from a place of utter humility. You understand that you are always at the beginning of your own spiritual education.

Moon in Sagittarius

The moon represents our inner landscape and how we process our feelings.

Primitive - You feel a desire to escape all emotional attachments when in your Primitive expression of Sagittarius Moon because you might get smothered. You live from a place of fear of connecting because you don't believe anyone could love you as you really are. When in doubt of others' affection, you run fast and far. You can say really mean things if you feel backed into a corner.

Evolving – You see the divine in every interaction. Joy overrides all other feelings: the joy of being a free human being who sees the cup full-always full. People feel an incredible sense of expansiveness around you.

Ascendant in Leo

The Ascendant represents the mask that we wear. It’s how we represent ourselves to the world, what we’re meant to do for a living, and perhaps the role that we played growing up.

Primitive - You will stop at nothing to get as much attention as possible - even if you have to look ridiculous, you’ll get everyone to notice you. You expend lots of energy ensuring that all conversations circle back to the core of the matter: you. If another, for any reason, doesn’t recognize you, they’ll pay a price-and even then, you’ll continue to ramp up, insistent on being acknowledged.

Evolving – You are the heartbeat of any group or gathering. Your essence sparkles so strongly that others feel called into their personal best as soon as they are in your presence. The sheer innocence of your love for life engenders a childlike wonder in everyone.

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury represents our communication style, thoughts, and mindset.

Primitive - You might as well just put a pacifier in your mouth and make guttural whining noises. With Mercury in Cancer in its primitive state, your expressions tend to be variations on baby, baby, baby me-sometimes, even said with a baby voice. You often talk and think about your emotions, favoring a theme of the self-pity party: no one understands you, no one gets you, in part because they haven’t realized your emotional genius. When people don’t want to listen to your endless whimpering, you accuse them of being cruel.

Evolving – You can engage your community in compassionate empathy through persuasive, heartfelt conversation, and speech. In any tense situation, you can defuse the conflict by going right into the needs of the inner child of everyone involved. You have a particular sensibility for seeing the positive implications of any feeling state, and you know how to reframe an unskillful feeling into a constructive request.

Venus in Cancer

Venus represents love, money, beauty, and values.

Primitive - Why does anyone else have needs? If you don’t get your way in this relationship, there will be a lot of whimpering, whining tantrums. Eating your feelings is one way you suppress your awareness of any responsibility you might have in your relationships.

Evolving – People come to you from all over the world to receive a pure type of nurturing love that brings out their best. You inspire others’ capacity to be nurturers themselves. In the lap of your exquisite care, people and groups feel contained, related, and inspired. Your home or environment is a sanctuary to which people can retreat to restore their soft animal bodies.

Mars in Leo

Mars represents the masculine, action, forward motion towards goals.

Primitive - It’s all for me, right? If I do this thing, I’ll be the star, right? Even if I don’t do much, I’ll get the credit, as long as I show up and be my Most Show-Stopping Self, right? You’re a glutton for activities that feature you; you don’t really need for them to have any substance. You make sure everyone knows every little thing you do because you can’t get enough praise. As soon as you receive it, its impact evaporates, leaving a vacuum you need to fill, posthaste. You’ll do all you can to get more, even if it means torpedoing the whole project the Mars energy is driving you to accomplish.

Evolving – Childlike innocence and purity motivate you to help anyone you can. With you, others have a direct experience of love as the elbow grease of all creation. Your super-affectionate style of doing and interacting makes everyone feel included in events; all feel a joyful part of community building. Your work ethic shines, sparkling on others in a way that puts pep in their step.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter represents expansion, growth, abundance, success, and luck.

Primitive – You are a specialist in vanity, superficiality, and ambivalence. Comparing is a way of connecting. “Who is more attractive than me?” is your most important consideration. You’re a social butterfly with catty cat claws, ready to poke holes in others to make yourself look better.

Evolving – You perch upon a multicolored tree branch of understanding; folks feel seasoned compassion when you hear and hold them. Your aesthetics of communication and your ways of getting things done are uniquely fresh and engaging. No one feels left out in your company; everyone can find a beautiful way to be themselves and be honored around you.

Saturn in Cancer

Saturn represents structure, responsibility, and limitation.

Primitive – Your feelings dictate the day. Moody and grumpy, you drag around like a cat with a big, wet tail. If you do not complete something, it is easy to blame others-after all, they made you feel bad. You won’t take responsibility for your mistakes; you should get a pass anyway. Your parents are at fault for your whole lifetime of troubles.

Evolving – The wellspring of kindness emitting from you fills everyone around you. Manifesting your dreams comes through daily discipline and gentleness. Others love to be with you as you exude a grace of faith-based on doing loving things consistently.

Chiron in Libra

Chiron symbolizes our past wounds.

Primitive – Being caught in a web of self-deception and image obsession makes it hard to feel at home in yourself. Others are repelled by the polite face you wear plastered over what’s really going on; they do not trust your motives. Someone wants you to show up somewhere for them? You might say yes-until something better comes along. As a result, people feel like pawns in your social life.

Evolving – Divine curiosity leads you to great adventures of innovation and companionship. Others find your enlightened approach to creating art from any medium awe-evoking. Your essential beauty transcends all limitations of size, age, gender, and other surface concerns.

Uranus in Gemini

Uranus represents sudden transformation, surprises, insight, and revolution.

Primitive – Caught in dispersive and chaotic energy, your loose words cause havoc and anxiety. There is such a lack of substance and character that communications are dangerous-sometimes ruinous.

Evolving – Sparks of illumination and enlightenment encourage the masses to be more conscious and aware. Communications travel quickly and effectively, getting to the heart of the matter and liberating people from false narratives of fear.

Neptune in Libra

Neptune represents intuition, dreams, illusions, creativity, and psychic powers.

Primitive – Lost in the illusion that pretty things will bring salvation, you find yourself hijacked by the pursuit of material comforts. Advertisements seduce and hypnotize you into believing that appearances are the best indicator of value.

Evolving – You take nothing for granted and see everything as worthy. Dark and light appear to you as a perfect whole. You lead others to embrace the totality, and you worship each moment as the ideal gift.

Pluto in Leo

Pluto represents evolution, unconscious drives, and instinctive needs that drive our behaviors.

Primitive – Fascinated with self-promotion and self-aggrandizement, you are the “selfie” poster child. Deeply wedded to your own reflection in the mirror, you find it hard to imagine that anyone else has great value except to prop you up. Themes that direct your gaze directly back at yourself have all your attention and ambition.

Evolving – A floodlight of unconditional love flows with you wherever you go. Like a child, you cherish life in every rapturous moment. Each new experience is permeated with a sacred curiosity, and others are spellbound by your affection for life itself.

Lara Brekken, CPC, ELI-MP


Huntington Beach, CA


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